Quartz Banger Diamond Knot Enail


Quartz Banger Diamond Knot – Enail compatible. (Fits 20mm OD E-nail coil) x 1



Quartz Banger Diamond Knot for E-nail
Fits 20mm OD E-nail coil
Frosted Joint
100% Quartz
14mm Male

The Glassworks710 Quartz Banger Diamond Knot for Enails are specially designed to take a Coil from an E-nail. Built to work with most 20mm coils from all major manufacturers. The internal pattern creates a larger surface area to maximise evaporation of concentrates.

All Glassworks710 bangers are made of 100% high quality Quartz glass and are built to handle extreme temperature conditions. The banger has thick walls and a thick bottom for maximum heat retention. Available in 14mm Male frosted joints to ensure a perfect air-tight fit.


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Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions17 × 8 × 23 cm


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