Puffco – Proxy & Puffco Hot Knife Bundle


Puffco – Proxy & Puffco Hot Knife Bundle:

1 x Puffco Proxy
1 x Puffco Hot Knife (Black)

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Puffco – Proxy & Puffco Hot Knife Bundle

Puffco Proxy
Black Colour
3D Chamber Technology
With Carrying Case

The Puffco Proxy is a portable, modular vapouriser that provides broad flexibility for your concentrate consumption experience. Tradition meets innovation with an elegant, ergonomic glass pipe that cradles the Proxy’s unique removable base, allowing you to customize your experience with an ecosystem of compatible Puffco accessories and third-party artist glass. Powered by our cutting-edge 3D Chamber technology, the Proxy has four precision heated temperatures settings for the most flavorful experience and vapor production.

3D Chamber for a premium experience

The Puffco 3D Chamber is an innovative breakthrough in heating technology. Embedded with heating tracers in the ceramic bowl, the oil vaporizes on the side walls instead of the bottom only when inhaling to preserve the quality of the oil. This creates a consistently smooth hit while amplifying the flavor.

– Highly Efficient
– Consistent temperature control
– Conserves quality of flavor
– Glazed ceramic bowl for easy cleaning

What’s in the box

– Base
– Glass
– Chamber
– Carrying Case
– Loading Tool
– Dual Tool
– Cable


Puffco – Hot Knife (Black)
Electronic Heated Dab Tool
Black Colour
25cm Length

The Puffco – Hot Knife (Black) is an electronic heated loading tool. It makes loading your concentrates a simple, clean, and effective process. No more dirty dab tools, sticky residue on clothing or surfaces, or having to wipe concentrates on the side of the bowl. Just hold down the button, and your oil drops right off in 3 seconds.

*Caution – tip gets very hot – use cap to store when finished.

  • Ceramic Tip
  • 30 Mins To Charge
  • Lasts at least 50 uses per charge & More
  • USBC Port / USBC Charging Cable Included
  • To clean, press button to warm and wipe surfaces with Q-Tip.


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Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions17 × 8 × 23 cm

Royal Blue, Shadow Black, Ultraviolet, Ribbon Pink


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