OCB – Premium King Size Slim Rolling Papers & Tips


OCB – Premium King Size Slim Rolling Papers & Tips



OCB – Premium King Size Slim Rolling Papers & Tips

Brand: OCB
Type: Premium Slim
Size: King Size
32 Papers Per Pack
32 Tips Per Pack
50 Packs per Box

OCB – Premium King Size Slim Rolling Papers & Tips are the OG of rolling papers, these are probably the first go-to rolling papers that everyone remembers and the amazing thing about that is the fact that they are pretty much still hold that title to this day.

Each pack contains 32 leaves and 32 individual filter tips, you should know that most people only use half of the material to make the filter tips so you can actually get 64 or more filters out of one packet. That’s 32 sheets of 100% organic Ultimate OCB Rolling Paper and each box contains 32 packs, that’s 1024 vegan-friendly organic rollups.

  • These Papers are manufactured from flax plant fibers
  • 100% Natural Arabic Gum – VEGETARIAN – None Genetically Modified Plants
  • The Packaging is made from Recycled papers, printed from vegetable eco-friendly ink

OCB products are made in France and have been since the beginning of the company. Founded in 1918 OCB rolling papers are one of the longest-lasting rolling paper companies not only in the industry but in the world.


  • Qty Per Box:  32 pcs
  • Qty Per Pack:  32 pcs
  • Pack Width: 11.2cm / 4.40in
  • Pack Height: 2.7cm / 1.06in
  • Box Width: 17cm / 6.69in
  • Box Height:  11.5cm / 24.52in


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Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 6 cm
Pack Size

1 Pack, Box of 32


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