D-odr – Fine Mist Odour Neutraliser (Aromatic Apple)


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D-odr – Fine Mist Odour Neutraliser (Aromatic Apple)
Fine Mist Spray
Odour Neutraliser
Aromatic Apple
Height: 13.5cm
Range of colours available

D-odr – Fine Mist Odour Neutraliser (Aromatic Apple) is a fine mist spray developed by D-odr. It is the perfect odour neutralising solution with instant results. The fine mist is a precise blend and array of carefully selected essential oils that have been inspired by nature and refined through science. The rich Terpene blend helps neutralise odours rather than mask them. Range of aroma profiles available – Strawberry Sensation, Aromatic Apple, Lasting Lavender & Clean & Crisp.

The fine mist has been packaged in a eco-friendly recyclable Aluminum bottle. Can be used indoors and on clothes.


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Dimensions17 × 8 × 23 cm


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