Blazy Susan – Deluxe Rolling Kit

Brand: Blazy Susan
Type: Deluxe Rolling Kit
Size: King Size Slim
Width: 11cm
Length: 5.5cm
1 x Blazy Susan King Size Slim Rolling Papers
1 x Blazy Susan Tips
1 x Blazy Susan Rolling Tray

Blazy Susan – Deluxe Rolling Kit comes with 32 king-size rolling papers, a large stack of pink filter paper to make roach from and a built-in rolling tray to keep everything nice and tidy. Now although one might think the built-in rolling tray is nothing more than a gimmick, I can assure you while being out and about on more than one occasion this little gem has saved me dropping my, *lunch! quite a few times and is a nice little addition to the packet. 32 leaves per pack of Rolling Papers. 32 Tips per pack of Tips. 1 x Rolling Tray


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Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 6 cm
Pack Size

1 Pack, Box of 20


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